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Making “His Story” history

First Prayers in Missouri, Kansas City Christian Business Gatherings, Scout picture with Kansas City in the background
First Prayers on Missouri Soil
Every relay race has a start and an end. Where did we start? How far have we come?
God's Relay Race, Kansas City Marketplace, 1923 Bible Class Kansas City
A Call to Surrender
The Businessmen’s Bible Class rose against a backdrop of crime and corruption as a call for men to surrender to God.
God's Relay Race, Kansas City Business Prayer, Prayer, 1923 Largest Bible Class
The Power of Small Beginnings
In 1923, 52,121 gathered in Kansas City and marked the marketplace for God.
The photo to the left looks like the starting line for a businessman’s marathon. We began wondering who is still running God’s generational marathon in the Kansas City marketplace?
Kansas City, Human Trafficking,
Businesses Fighting Human Trafficking
How the Businessmen’s Bible Class supported shutting down the red-light district in Kansas City
Helping the Homeless in Kansas City, God's Relay Race, Helping the homeless
Revival Brings Service
What does revival have to do with homelessness? Or a Bible study with alcoholism? Godliness always has a ripple effect. Revival leads to action.
We Pray because it Works
In addition to the biblical encouragement to pray together, history also shows us the power of gathering together in prayer.
Our Centennial Celebration
Together we grabbed the baton of the multi-generational Kingdom marathon we call "God's Relay Race".
Kansas City business prayer, Women praying at Work, God's Relay Race
What about workplace prayer?
Let's continue the legacy of that generation by grabbing the relay race baton extended to us and gathering to PRAY for God to impact our workplaces as well.
God's Relay Race, Kansas City Business Prayer, Kansas City Marketplace
Grab the Baton
business prayer Kansas City, God's Relay Race, 1923
Since 2019 we have been gathering on the 2nd Saturday of every month to pray for the Kansas City Marketplace

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