God's Relay Race

God's Relay Race, 1923 Historic Gathering Kansas City, Business Prayer Kansas City


Why do we gather?

In the Old Testament story of the Tower of Babel, God exclaimed that nothing would be impossible for people in unity. And in Psalm 133 God describes the unity of His people as “good and pleasant”; provoking Him to command a blessing when unity occurs. In the tumultuous times we live, we desperately need unity and the blessings it provides.

We gather to forsake our division and provoke His provision.

God's Relay Race, Uniting in prayer, Business prayer Kansas City
Kansas City Marketplace Prayer, Business Prayer in Kansas City

Why does prayer matter?

Jesus said pray this, “Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as in heaven…”

We may not fully understand why God’s purposes are accomplished as His people pray, but it’s apparent when we do, we’re partnering with Him to see His kingdom come. In His infinite wisdom God chose to require our participation in accomplishing His plans. If God requires our participation to accomplish His plans, that suggests His plans may be delayed or diminished if we choose not to pray.

Why pray for our workplaces?

Jesus taught on His Father’s kingdom and instructed us to pray for it to come. Surely this kingdom doesn’t come only on Sunday’s at church. Surely this King of kings has something just as relevant and compelling for our “plain glass” lives as our “stain glass” lives. God’s bigger than the box we’ve limited Him to, and when we invite Him to where we spend most of our waking hours (our workplaces) they will become TRANSFORMED – energized and flourishing in ways we can’t imagine.

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